What does our personal theatre workshop participants have to say about us!

November 3, 2016
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Ravi Ratanpal (Fund Manager, JP Morgan)

Last three months were full of fun and getting close to who I am as a person. I realised that it’s not about the technical aspects of communication but the non technical aspects like inhibitions and fears regarding public speaking which completely got dropped in these 3 months. Now when I go for a board meeting or meet friends, my confidence level is completely different. I’m in charge of my communication skills, express myself completely & I can talk anywhere, in front of anyone, openly, freely and spontaneously. My myths about positive & negative emotions got completely cleared and it has helped me personally and professionally. I learnt that ‘Emotions are just emotions, nothing else’. You just need to express them while being sensitive of the situation & people.

Geeta Singh(Professional Make-Up Artist)

Before coming for the workshop I was feeling numb about a few areas of my life. This workshop had helped me to know where that numbness we coming from, has helped me to express myself completely and to know what is going on & what do I need to do to get out of it. Its very big for me. I am feeling confident, expressive and clear.

Shrutika Nilakh(Partner at Architect Firm, WiseArt)

I walked in this workshop thinking how to enhance my communication, what is missing in my expressions. I did not know that expression is such an important part of being which I was always suppressing. In these 3 months, I went through ups n downs in my own expressions which helped me to express my various emotions at various levels and I realised that ‘Life is nothing without expression’. ‘I need to say what I need to say’. This workshop has helped me to get back to my basics. I see myself spontaneous, talking my heart out and go with the flow. I have realised how important it is to be sensitive towards situations and people while expressing.

Leena Naik (Talent Specialist & Interview Coach)

The effect of the workshop has been completely different on me as I am an overly expressive person. It has helped me to tone myself down and say things without putting drama to it. I can see that in a lot of critical situations I was able to communicate clearly without creating fassad about it. I’ve learnt ‘how to listen with sensitivity’. I realised that I need to work on my facial expressions. I feel spontaneous, free n easy while communicating. I am happy that I’m able to present myself not getting affected by what will people think about me.

Praneet Keni (Professional Fitness Trainer)

This 12 session course has given me the power to express myself in front of the people very openly, spontaneously and effectively. Not only this has helped me in my communication skills and brought in lots of confidence, this course has helped to open my inner self to explore my vision and build strength in my thoughts & convert it into my voice.

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