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Actcelerate invites you to become a Certified Drama/Art based Facilitator About Actcelerate Actcelerate was b

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There is Theatre & Drama taking place in and around us at all times. We just need to become aware that it is ta

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Actcelerate invites you for its next personal training workshop ‘Create Connect Communicate’ from 18th July onw

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With schools shutting for vacations, one thought that is passing by in most people’s head is "I can't wait for my

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One of the biggest fear in life and work is Confusion. It just does not let the person to go ahead. This confusion

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Chitra Balachandran (HR Regional Head of Fabindia) This workshop broke the format that I have been living i

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Ravi Ratanpal (Fund Manager, JP Morgan) Last three months were full of fun and getting close to who I am as a pe

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To hell with facts! We need stories! ~Ken Kesey The most common question I come across in my several corpor

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After our post of why innovating yourself is important in the corporate world, there are few techniques you can use

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There is no such thing as becoming creative or innovative on the spot, out of the blue. Most people would be baffle

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As an individual who hailed from a family of bankers and CAs, I started out as a hotel management trainee who exite

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There is cinematic angle in everyone’s life; on stage, in front of the camera and in our work  life. Actors