Who We Are

If a corporate seminar reminds you of uninteresting, formal, one-way blabber, we don't blame you. At Actcelerate, we chalk out refreshingly different workshops and varied experiences that drive productivity and engagement for employees. We meticulously execute these sessions keeping fun at the heart of everything we do, using drama and mindfulness. Not only do the participants experience a sense of fulfillment, but they also have a good time while they’re at it. Focusing on the varied needs of an organization at different levels, we offer different solutions like workshops, live performances, short films and more to make the workplace happier.

What We Do

As a team, we work on people’s complete being. Synchronizing the mind, body and soul we help people enrich their overall persona. With a laser-sharp focus on blending their IQ and EQ, the workshops kindle a spark of fun, creativity and authentic connections within team mates. This results into their coming together as one team, leading them to better performers.



The benefits of meditation are not limited. Then why should its techniques be? We offer guided, active and passive meditations by experienced facilitators that make the journey within enjoyable for the employees. When one deep dives within, they feel joyful which reflects on their work, team mates and personal life.


Short Films

Watching relevant and real content can leave lasting impressions on people. We make customized films for corporates that help instill their values and essence deeply into the viewer.



Letting go, unwinding, keeping everything light is at the heart of our laughter-based techniques. A simple method, it ranks high on effectiveness and just pure joy.


Taichi & Yoga

Techniques like Taichi & Yoga have a direct impact on health and productivity. They de-stress people and enable them to only embrace the positive in everything that surrounds them.



Creative visualizations, physical movements and music help clear out the discouraging, often fearful, voices that pull us back. Through this session we help people realize their dreams at work and in personal life.



We use theater as a medium to enhance people’s performance at work. Our sessions help people be aware of challenging situations and have a deeper understanding with the team mates.



Drama brings awareness–about work, situations and resolutions. Exactly what our sessions focus on. With deeper introspection on how to be compassionate towards teams at work, the participants leave cheering for each other.