Who We Are

We are a Mindset Training Company working globally, primarily in North America and APAC region with 40+ global organizations to date making a difference. Actcelerate was formed in India in 2015 by Prashant Chawla with the intent of creating gentle mindset shifts using mindfulness, psychodrama and other therapeutic skills. We have been instrumental with the support of a great team in helping people unlock their highest potential and collaborating towards growth & innovation. We bring power to your people by empowering their mindset with the help of mindfulness training and mindset coaching. Every team, every member and every situation for an organization is different and hence creating tailor-made solutions since 2015 has been our expertise. We look forward to hearing from you!

What We Do

In order to become future-ready, many organizations invest heavily in technology, metaverse, acquisitions, and digital transformation, but neglect to consider cultural and people changes that are fundamental to success. Through group therapy, workshops, and coaching, we assist our clients in resolving burnout, back-to-work stress, employee disengagement, and other workplace disruptions rooted in mental, emotional, and physical health issues. With mindfulness, psychodrama, and other therapeutic tools, Actcelerate helps clients develop a thriving mindset. Our programs help people refocus their energy on what is important, resulting in a mindset shift and tremendous savings for the organization. Diversity & Inclusion has been primary consideration in the design of our proven workshops and methodologies.



The benefits of meditation are not limited. Then why should its techniques be? We offer guided, active and passive meditations by experienced facilitators that make the journey within enjoyable for the employees. When one deep dives within, they feel joyful which reflects on their work, team mates and personal life.


Mindset Training

A thriving mindset training for leaders, teams and entrepreneurs creates innovation, growth and happiness


Mindfulness Coaching

Tap your hidden potential using mindfulness and therapeutic coaching. Learn to manage workplace disruptions, relationships and people mindfully.


Drama Therapy

Drama Therapy brings awareness and mindful shifts within teams with creative scriptwriting, performances and collaboration. It is much more than just fun!