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The only way to survive and succeed in these new times - Innovation. Our sessions tap into innovative and imaginative nerves to help our leaders go beyond their job profiles. This shifts their teams from linear thinking to an imaginative sphere.

Innovation@leadership | There is no box | Imagine


Last two years have brought in new stories impacting life, business, and work. Our storytelling-led workshops make it easy to build confidence, a connection between teammates, and clinch crucial deals.

What's your story | Meditative Story-Communication | Business Storytelling


Mental Health affects people, their relationships and workplace dynamics resulting in attrition, extreme behaviour at work, absences, low performance, and great resignation period. Let us help our people enhance their awareness and build an empathetic culture in the workplace.

Happy or Right? | Mental Relaxation | R.I.S.E | Gratitude and Appreciation | Let's Talk | Emotional Resilience


Be it performance or communication – there’s always the next level to it. That’s why our sessions offer a mix of confidence and expressions along with listening and observation to help people be better communicators.

Intuitive Communication | Art of Listening | Stage Power | Speak with Confidence | Express Yourself | No Chinese Whispers


When things get tough, the empowered get going. Our sessions help leaders to tap into personal strengths and relook at challenges they face. What we get is resilient game-changers ready to up the game.

Billion Dollar Arms | Visionary Board


Say ‘Yes’ to the new. Change inspires leaders to get better and lead the organization forward. Our sessions help the leaders evolve and be receptive to the opportunities the New brings.

Good Morning! | New World-New Mindset | Say Yes


It’s important to retain valuable minds who wander off in search of greener pastures. To do that, let us take a step back and listen to our team members, spend quality time with them and see what can we do for them to live a better life.

How can I help you? | Mental Health | Speak & Listen


A leader is more than just a navigator. Our sessions offer different insights into leadership. Defining roles well, simplifying communication with the team and equal respect for all are just a few takebacks for the participants from this workshop.

Leadership Theater | Conscious Leadership | Leadership - Not just a position


Many people, one goal –the main aim of an organization. To achieve this, our sessions get the teams together and through various theatrical exercises, align them within themselves and with the organization’s goals.

Alignment Theater | Vision Alignment | A Perfect Cup of Tea


Our team members need an imaginative space to tap into their innovative nerves. Come lets practice theatre and go beyond!

What an idea! | Innovation Theater | Mind-Freeze


From bonding within teams to clinching big business deals, stories can help people achieve what they want. Our sessions use this age-old technique to resolve new-age scenarios.

Art & Science of Storytelling | Make conversations interesting! | Storytelling@Work


Acceptance, awareness and expression of emotions have a direct or indirect impact on life, relations and work. Let us sit, talk, listen and become aware of what's going on with us.

Happiness Theater | My People’s Wellbeing | De-Stress Yourself | Emotional Intelligence


The world belongs to everyone – whatever be the age, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, education, and national origin. Through our workshops, we empower people by focusing on respecting and valuing each other’s differences.

I-Me-You-He-She = Same | DEI Theater | Be Mindful


If we forget our designations for a day, each team member may feel valued. Our workshops help people come to the same plane and make practical shifts in their attitudes towards work. As a result, we have a happier team supporting each other, together.

WE versus I | Laughter School


When we lead ourselves and teams with enthusiasm, kindness and empathy - it feels inspired. Our workshops are designed for people to find motivation within and re-ignite the passion to work for themselves and their teams.

Empowerment Theatre | Motivation Theatre | Chak De | Queen


One can’t deny the impact of persona at work. Through our sessions, we sharpen the skills required for an excellent appeal. What we have is leaders that clients will like associating with.

Grooming Theater | Prepare to Shine | Hi!


A business is driven by sales. And sales are fuelled by stories. Our workshops help people weave interesting stories and be good listeners, to connect with their clients better. Result: A shooting sales graph.

Tell me what to sell | Mission Impossible | Keep it natural | Connect


New leaders bring fresh vibe to their work and teams. And our workshops give new leaders ways in which they can own their teams better and work together efficiently. This sets an ideal senior-junior equation.

Leadership Theater | Including Everyone | First Time Leaders | Unlock the next level


Confidence makes one’s skills and talent shine. That’s why our workshops focus on building one’s confidence about self as well as the team mates. This helps them find effective solutions to business challenges by supporting each other.

Confidence Theater | Superstar | Prepare to Shine


Women are highly determined to succeed in life even when the going gets tough with kindness and empathy. Through this workshop, participants take inspiration from their own life and apply in challenging situations

Jhansi Ki Rani | Peaceful Warrior


By using the tested and trusted technique of theater - storytelling, we help participants to express their ideas clearly. Listen, observe and speak – the perfect mix for storytelling.

Yeh Hai Meri Kahani | Listen | Express Yourself | Emotional Resilience