Short Sessions


Inspiring people with short online sessions

These short mindfulness, mindset and psychodrama-based sessions are delivered virtually to enhance the team's rejuvenation, emotional quotient, mental health, and to boost productivity.

We offer the following spa sessions


Theater Play

We use theatrical acts (in-person) to bind the teams together and help them see various perspectives of workplace situations. This creates an inclusive and welcoming work environment.


Improv Theater

Spontaneity is what lets people grab an opportunity and clinch business deals. We use improv theater to involve and engage team members with spontaneity, creativity, and innovation on stage.


Laughter Session

What better way to boost team spirit than with the tried and tested laughter therapy? This session breaks barriers and helps teams connect with each other – laughing all the way.


Confidence Spa

How about investing your two hours and feel more confident? We apply techniques of theater that help one in rediscovering aspects of self and be aware of them, which makes them more confident.


Absolute Fun

When the day ends, let the excitement begin. We inject energy into a team’s everyday routine with fun acts. It tosses-out daily boredom and stress of work commitments for a more refreshing take on life.


What’s your Story?

Everyone has a story. Yet, not many know how to impact-fully share them. Our storytelling sessions help them add flair to their conversations, making them excellent communicators.


Creative Movement

Music can move a soul and dance can be liberating. Our creative movement techniques are designed to work on one’s overall being that elevate creativity in them.