Actcelerate presents 2-Months Weekend Theatrical workshop “ONE STEP AHEAD”

October 24, 2017
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Actcelerate invites you for its Theatrical Workshop ‘ONE-STEP AHEAD in Mumbai starting 11th November. This is a 2 months Theatre-Improvisation Experiential Workshop Course which shall take place on Weekends. This Workshop aims at:

  • Building confident communication which helps in your presentations, client dealings and to be one-step ahead of everyone. It also helps you in removing your stage fear and present fearlessly.
  • Enhancing your Innovation and Ideation – Innovation is the key to grow in your Organization or take your own venture ahead. Being an expert in Ideation helps you to leave your mark in your job or business.
  • Building great relations with Clients & Colleagues – To build great relations its important to understand people’s & our emotions. Theatre helps us to tap into our and other’s Emotional Quotient which in turn helps in building great relations.
  • Building impressive Body Language & Voice Pitch – In today’s world of Presentation, Body Language & Voice play an important role in impressing our Colleagues, Bosses and clients. Theatre plays an important role in enhancing these aspects.
  • Enhancing Life Skills – To improve your efficiency and focus at your workplace, its important to learn and apply certain life skills.
  • Bringing out Exceptional Performance at workplace – Theatre helps in creating awareness about oneself and people around us. This awareness helps us to increase efficiency & performance in our day to day life.
  • Helping you stand out among the crowd – Improvisation helps you to become spontaneous & prompt in every manner. At the end of the day, we all love acting and actors do stand out among the crowd whether in office or stage.

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Details on our facilitator, ‘Prashant Chawla’ –

Blog on ‘Theatre for Everyone’ –

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Workshop Course Content

This course content is spread over 2 months and 8 full day sessions or 16 half day sessions. All the sessions use Theatre, Improvisation and Meditation as technique and bring in learning through activities and lots of fun. The content to be covered in this workshop is as defined below:

  • How to bring in Creative Confidence in our attitude & outlook
  • Communication – Listening & Observing are most important tools of Communication
  • Innovation & Ideation – Two pillars of growth in your job or business
  • Great relations with peers – Be Genuine
  • Be Present in the moment – Most important tool to be One-Step ahead of everyone
  • Impressive Body Language & Voice Pitch
  • Inspiring Enthusiasm, Efficiency & Exceptional Performance at workplace
  • Enhance Emotional Quotient(EQ) – More important than IQ in todays time

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