Playback Theatre "Thoda Khatta Thoda Meetha" at WeWork Malad, Mumbai on 12th April 2019

April 10, 2019
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Really? - Playback Theatre? - Now what is this !

This is a unique stage theatre where you won’t find a big stage, grand sets, lot of people like just about 30-40 watching the performance on stage set up almost anywhere. You wouldn’t find too many props or costumes and no set script or story!!!! Welcome to an evening of "Unscripted Performance" where an incident from your life can unfold into a performance right in front of you - everything spontaneously right in front of your eyes.

Playback Theatre is an interactive & spontaneous format of Theatre where people from the audience, share their personal stories and a group of actors improvise on-the-spot to portray them. According to the International Playback Theatre Network, the format took shape in the 1970s in the mid-Hudson valley of upstate New York in order to break away from the tradition of scripted theatre.

We live in the world of "Whats App and Social media" where we might send an emoticon of laughter but rarely you will see the person laughing!!! Time where we don't get time to live our emotions and moment fully, we come here to re-live closest moments of our lives with the help of these spontaneous performances.

One person’s story, according to Radhika, usually prompts another to share theirs. The facilitator plays an important role here who acts like a Sutradhar between the audience and the actors. He helps people to open up and share their life & helps actors to come closer to the real situation.

She shares an anecdote of a 55 year old man "I am really feeling thankful you at this moment. Your performance actually helped me to go back to my school days and relive a moment which I had almost forgotten"

Playback Theatre is therapeutic, fun and entertaining at the same time!

To book tickets for Actcelerate's Playback Theatre Show "Thoda Khatta Thoda Meetha", please go to the link below:

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